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Fågelskrämma: Drake (upp till 7 meter)

1.Black Flying hawk kite scarecrow hanging on the Pole,The Hawk will fly with the Breeze to scare bird and pest away;a high effective bird repellent solution.
2.The hawk kite with the reflective eyes and Birds hate shiny reflective objects that move, and will avoid coming near these bird repellent , thus creating a bird free zone. Place it on your deck, garden, lawn, farm, etc.
3. Lifelike hawk decoy scares away birds and pest.
4.This item is 100% eco-friendly and very easy to use;
5.The pole size have 4 meters and 7 meters(full extand);include a black hawk;a firbglass spike/stake;
6.Assembly the hawk by inserting the rods into pockts and rubber connection then tie it secure on the knot;then pull out the pole to its end then insert  the stake on the ground,then put the pole into the stake to hold the pole;



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